Welcome to heptagon publishers!
Elizabeth of Thuringia
Since 1999 we are publishing digital editions of source material for the humanities with the focus on history and philosophy. Our endevaour towards a closer connection between text representation and audio-visual materials led us also to the production of documentaries.

For wxample we produced a documentary on Elizabeth of Thuringia, who was born 800 years ago. Also the third and closing section of our Sources of Medieval Historiography is available.

Why are we doing this?

Of course, the most preferable way to reading is still opening a book. But today no scholar could do without the help of the computer, esp. the possibility of searching whole bibliotheques within seconds.

We are offering such digital bibliotheques of books and articles, that are either hard to find or were written by canonical authors of the Arts.

The text editions of heptagon-publishing are developed in a close collaboration of scholars and software engineers. This ensures an accurate and complete text representation - including the pagination of the authoritative print versions - and an easy-to-use, full featured retrieval software for the scientifc use.

This software, the heptagon-reader, offers you among others the following features:

  • fuzzy search
  • chronological search
  • administration of your annotations and bookmarks
  • opening of an unlimited numbers of windows for the purpose of text comparisons
  • printing and exporting to your word processor
  • greek texts with unicode

Screenshots and more information about this software you will find on the heptagon-reader pages.